For Sale

Mooneyham & Sharp
#55 A/Fuel Dragster
Direct inquiries to Larry Smith....817 296-1819
Still in original paint and lettering. Original engine, parachute, rear wheels, front wheels and tires taken from the 554 coupe. Original Chrisman/Cannon upholstery. Original injector and hat as well as headers. This is the best unrestored artifact for that era on the planet! It ain't cheap.  Possible interesting partial trades considered.

1961 Location unknown

Originally constructed in 1959 by Art Chrisman, it ran as the Chrisman / Cannon
Hustler II. Both Art Chrisman and Frank Cannon drove the car.  It was Top
Eliminator At Riverside the first time out.

Art and Frank raced throughout the 1959 season as well as 1960. At the end of the
1960 season it was sold to Gene Mooneyham and Al Sharp. This car replaced the 554
Coupe.  "Jungle" Larry Faust was the driver although both Art Chrisman and Jack
Chrisman drove the car on occasion for Mooneyham & Sharp.